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52 Ways To Become A Millionaire in Africa

Millionaire Making Wisdom: Easy steps to make loads of money and achieve goals in life
Napoleon Hill’s A Year of Growing Rich: Fifty-Two Steps to Achieving Life’s Rewards

In fifty-two chapters–one for each week of the year–Napoleon Hill shares his timeless, millionaire-making wisdom. Drawing on the thoughts and experiences of dozens of rags-to-riches tycoons, these priceless, inspiring meditations hold the keys to wealth, power, happiness , and good health.

Originally published in his magazine, Success Unlimited, updated and edited for today’s readers, Hill’s proven advice covers a wide range of topics, from overcoming obstacles to developing a sense of humor, using your personal initiative, living harmoniously with others, letting your habits work for you, achieving peace of mind, and much more. A powerful combination of business sense and self-help, A Year of Growing Rich is a masterpiece from an acknowledged authority on motivation and success.

A must read for all you who want to be millionaires!
Read the book and practice what it says.

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