Yes, there are still opportunities in Africa to make tons of money

Numerous opportunities abound in Africa than anywhere in the world. The continent still hast vast lands of opportunities still to be discovered.

Looking at farming for instance, there is a plathora of opportunities to make money, really a quick buck. In Zimbabwe for example, the land is very rich, great infrastructure, but agriculturer is not carried out to the fullest potential. I do understand that Zimbabwe is a specia case due to its political turmoil, but the same issue can be seen in most countries in Africa.

In Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi etc, there is a ot of farming underway. However, there is less processing of the produce locally, inhibiting the farmers from achieving higher levels of profits from the farm produce. If one goes to a fruit farm, most of the time one realizes that some of the product goes bad due to poor or inadequate storage facilities. If these farmers are fully funded with everything they need to compete on the global platform, they will be able to produce world standard products that can compete on the global market. So the government and the private sector must invest a lot in modern farm equipment such as storage facilities. also of utmost importance is provision of farm produce processing equipment.

Almost all farming in Africa is organic farming without any influnce of genetic modicafication of the crops. Thus, most produce from Africa is very healthy and much better than some of the mass produced produce in some western countries. The idea that the farm produce is Africa is organic avails the local farmers a great opportunity to be global market players. Farmers in a small village, with the assistance of the government, may harvest their crop together, process and pack it nicely, then export to other countries. Some perishable farm produce can be processed into fruit juices or canned food which also can be sent to Euroe, America and Asia for sell.

Oportunities like these need committed private investors who are willing to help the local farmers in Africa. The farmerrs and the private investors will both benefit from the project. Private investors will bring in the procesing equipment for the farm produce and perhaps help export the processed food to other countries in the west. how amazing is it if a family in california wakes up in the morning to enjoy organic cereal or oatmeal from Zimbabwe. Imagine a farmer in a small village in Zambia tracking his export order of organic mango juice to Holland, or a container of organic beef to London.

The world is small. Africa, it is time to engage the western world in trade. Trade mustg empower the small farmers in Africa.

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