Al’Louise van Deventer Control Manager Eskom National Africa

Al’Louise van Deventer Control Manager Eskom National Africa

Al’Louise van Deventer career at Eskom, Africa’s state owned company, began as a technician in training at the Network optimization department, a support function to the regional control centre in the Western Cape, South Africa.

van Deventer worked for Eskom for five years, under the leadership of Erica Johnson, currently Eskom Group Executive for Sustainability.

Johnson encouraged van Deventer to complete an Engineering Degree.

van Deventer completed an Engineering Degree at the University of Stellenbosch. In those days they only offered subjects in Afrikaans. It was quite a steep learning curve but I managed to complete my degree in 3 and a half years.

van Deventer then joined the network optimization department where she worked before and was appointed as an analyst engineer.

van Deventer was involved in studies and simulations for the power system on a regional level. It was during this time that the rolling load shedding incidents began in Cape Town.

van Deventer was very instrumental in compiling load shedding schedules and in the whole process of load shedding.

van Deventer was then promoted to Manager of the Department and acted in the capacity of the Regional Control Centre Manager.

van Deventer stayed in the position for about one year before she decided to explore the world outside Cape Town and outside the Eskom distribution environment, where she worked for 8 years.

van Deventer applied for the System Operator or National Control position and was appointed as Chief Engineer, responsible for the outages portfolio.

Later on, Eskom advertised the National Control Manager position for which van Deventer applied for and was successfully appointed as the NC Manager.

van Deventer was new to the transmission world but power systems was not a new environment, even though it was on a much higher voltage level.

van Deventer formal qualifications includes a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

In addition, she obtained a professional registration status as an electrical technician then an electrical engineer degree, B.Eng with US at the University Stellenbosch and professionally registered with ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa. She has completed an MSc in Engineering at the University Cape Town (UCT).

van Deventer is currently busy with MBA qualification at the Regenesys Business School.

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