Bill Ivy (photographer/author) Canadian photographer and author

Bill Ivy (born 1953 in Toronto, Ontario) is a veteran photographer/author with 24 books to his credit, including the award-winning A Little Wilderness – The Natural History of Toronto.
In the mid-1960s he was a student at the International School Ibadan in Nigeria during the Nigerian Civil War.
Bill is a skilled lecturer on photography and natural history and a popular nature guide. He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. He was still photographer for BBC on Sir David Attenborough’s Wildlife on One: Backyard Bandits. His work has been featured in hundreds of publications in North America and abroad.
Bill is a trained classical guitarist and taught music prior to pursuing a career in photography.
Bill is married to Pat Ivy and has five children. They currently reside in Toronto, Ontario.


  • A Little Wilderness – The Natural History of Toronto (ISBN 0195404211)
  • Close to Home – A Canadian Country Diary (ISBN 1895246113)
  • Wildlife of America (ISBN 0831755814)
  • Wilderness Canada (ISBN 088665484X)
  • Getting to Know Nature’s Children series
  • Our Wildlife World series

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