Tanzania Government Bans Use of Cash in Payment of Fines

By The Citizen Reporter
Dodoma — The government has banned the use of cash in settling fines.

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Mary Maganga said all payments from the file should be made through the official payment system including the issuance of EFDs receipts.

The Deputy Minister made the statement while answering a supplementary question from Sikonge MP Joseph Kakunda who said the people were being harassed especially when they are arrested for allowing livestock into the reserves.

In another question, Kakunda wanted to know why the Government does not issue electronic receipts when it imposes fines livestocks that enter the Sikonge reserves.

The Deputy Minister said in accordance with the Wildlife Act no. 5 of 2009, it is an offense for any person (including pastoralists) to bring livestock into protected areas.

She said the Act was not enacted for personal gain but to control damage including encroachment, poaching and smuggling of livestock into such areas area.

Maganga said the Government has established a ICT system for licensing / permits, data collection and revenue from various sources of the Natural Resources and Tourism sector called MNRT Portal which is connected to the “Government electronic Payment Gateway – GePG” system for issuing “Control Number” which allows payments.

“After making the relevant payments, the MNRT Portal system provides receipts that are recognized by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), I would like to assure the Member of Parliament that the receipts provided by this system are valid for government payments similar to those issued by the Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) system. , “said Maganga.

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