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How African Business men and women rise to the top


Top tips from Africa’s entrepreneurs What is the secret of success in business? During Africa Economy week, BBC News asked entrepreneurs across the continent to give us their “top tips”. DINAH BINAH, FLORIST, TANZANIA You have to think fast in business. If someone asks – “Are you selling your blouse?” …

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MicroCredit in Africa – Teaching a man to Fish


(Fortune Magazine) — Most retired CEOs don’t really retire. They serve on boards, teach at business schools, fund charities. Percy Barnevik’s retirement plans are more ambitious: He intends to lift millions of people out of the world’s deepest poverty.Barnevik, 67, is best remembered as the star CEO of ABB, the …

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Africa Can be Built by Entrepreneurs


Africa Can be Built by Entrepreneurs By Ian Mvula – Thu, 08/14/2003 – 08:19 Eleven years ago when I told my friends that I was going to build a business, they doubled up with laughter. Once they had finished wiping their eyes, they gave me their reasons for the scepticism: Since I …

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Dr. Mthuli Ncube Oxford University Professor of Public Policy, Entrepreneur, Banker


Dr.  Mthuli Ncube Oxford University  Professor of Public Policy, Entrepreneur, Banker Mthuli Ncube is Professor of Public Policy at Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, where he teaches and researches in the areas on macroeconomics, finance, development economics, political economy, and health economics. He has a background in academia, …

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Ask an African business expert


Is there something you would like to know about doing business in Africa? Or maybe you would appreciate some advice over a business dilemma you are experiencing?African trading specialist, Luyton Driman is answering your questions below in this interactive web feature Are you hoping to start a business? What problems …

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The Anti-Bono


February 22, 2009Questions for Dambisa MoyoThe Anti-BonoInterview by DEBORAH SOLOMONQ: As a native of Zambia with advanced degrees in public policy and economics from Harvard and Oxford, you are about to publish an attack on Western aid to Africa and its recent glamorization by celebrities. ‘‘Dead Aid,’’ as your book …

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